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Susan Boyle does it again!

In the finals of Britains Got Talent 2009, Susan Boyle sang the same song which she did the first time – the score from Les Misérables “I Dreamed a Dream”. She sang it beautifully, exceptionally well and got a standing ovation. She didn’t win the competition but that nothing to do with why I liked her singing.
You can watch it right here:

OR you can click this link and watch it on youtube -  Susan Boyle – Final of Britains Got Talent 2009 30th May

I will be looking forward to her CDs and music in the future.

Enjoy yet again her exceptional voice and personality.


Chrysler bankruptcy and the sabotage of debtholders!

Very insightful article on Voice for Reason (a blog published by Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights) about how government intervention and dirty politics can sabatoge the debthoders. It is outright scary to see the extent of government intervention into private businesses and the fact that it leads to this.

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