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Amazing art in sand!

Who says artists can draw only on canvas with paints and brushes. Watch Kseniya Simonova bring sand, yes sand to life with her bare hands and tell stories that will take your breath away.

OR you can click here to watch it on YouTube.



Beautiful short animation!

Beautiful French film with splendid animations, with english subtitles. Worth watching and definitely a must see for kids.

HUGH (english subtitles) Student short movie from sylpaco on Vimeo.

If any problems viewing the above then click here



Money makes money!

BEWARE: This is not suitable for minors.

Money makes money is a multimedia ad for Bantrust-Finance, a German company, made by Optix also a German advertisement/digitial/multimedia company. It is too funny, I couldn’t stop laughing. The idea is just simply creative.


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